1. Press the Member button top right.

2. For initial registration press right button "Registrieren"

3. Register with your individual data

Firma = company I Vorname = First name I Nachname = Last name

Straße und Haus-Nr. = Street and house number I PLZ = Postal code

Ort = City I Land = Country (choose by drop-down menu)

Fill in your email and password (2 times) and finish by pressing the red button.

4. When already registered please press member button top right fill in your email and password in the left area and press "Anmelden" button.

You can search products by search button top right or by brand or by category.

Please be aware that you can open more subcategories by pressing the red cross on the right side of the category.

To see all products of a category please press the red button "Mehr anzeigen" at the bottom of each page.

If you are interested in a product please

add to cart (In den Warenkorb) or

add to your wishlist (zur Wunschliste hinzufügen).

After completion of purchase you can send us your order by finishing the process under the cart button top right.

Generell order terms

  • If not mentioned separately all orders ex warehouse central/western germany.
  • All prices are based on full pallets and 100% payment in advance.
  • Minimum order quantity: 5 pallets.
  • Lead time from order to pick-up-ready about 1-3 weeks.

For volumes less than full pallet, individual requests or if you don´t find the product you are looking for please fill in our contact form:

Name = name I E-Mail-Adresse = email-adress I Nachricht = text message I Abschicken (red button) = send message