Barilla Penne Rigate n.73 500g

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12 units per outer box I 720 units per pallet

Pasta from durum wheat semolina

Penne are originally from the north of Italy, but they owe their fame above all to the imagination of the Neapolitans, who love the pleasures of life and therefore also good food. They are easily recognizable by their pointed shape, which is reminiscent of ancient ink pens. Their grooves are ideal for making something special out of any kind of sauce. Barilla, the leading pasta producer in Italy, has revived this ancient variety. Thanks to long experience, the quality of the pasta has been raised and its cooking resistance improved. Thus Penne Rigate became an integral part of the Italian pasta culture.

Ingredients: HARDWHEAT GROSS, water. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF EGGS IF THE PRODUCT WAS MANUFACTURED IN THE FACTORY MARKED WITH THE LETTER (A). Allergen information: Contains: Wheat and wheat products (gluten-containing cereals). Gluten-containing cereals and gluten-containing cereal products. May contain: Eggs and egg products. Nutritional values Average nutritional values Unprepared per 100 g Energy 1521.0 kJ Energy 359.0 kcal grease 2.0 g fat, thereof saturated fatty acids 0.5 g Carbohydrates 71.7 g Carbohydrates, thereof sugar 3.5 g dietary fibre 3.0 g Protein 12.0 g Salt 0.013 g

Language: German

Origin: Italy

Product no. 6431135

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