Doppelherz A-Z Depot

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30 units per outer box

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

A balanced diet and a minimum of physical activity are the basic principles of healthy living. Well-being, mental and physical performances are greatly influenced by how well the body is supplied with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Micronutrient supply is especially critical when pollution, smoking, stress, fatigue and disease become overwhelming. Daily intake of one Doppelherz® aktiv A-Z tablet contributes to improve micronutrient status and to keep the physiological balance required for the organism to function optimally.
A better assimilation rate through DEPOT time-release
The body can more efficiently assimilate low levels of micronutrients released over a long time than high levels released in a short time. This is what Doppelherz® aktiv DEPOT tablets achieve! Thanks to their special coating, DEPOT tablets release micronutrients in a timely manner for a better assimilation rate.

Language: English

Origin: Germany

GTIN: 4009932926286

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