Doppelherz Men Active

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30 units per outer box

Supports men’s sexual activity

The constant demand for performance in our modern society can become a real race for success in professional as well as in private life. Pressure is so high that even the act of love is directed by the desire for success. When aging men are subject from time to time to small “failures”, then disappointment is all the greater. This often results in frustration and anxiety that may contribute to the onset of moderate erectile dysfunction.
For men who suffer from this kind of troubles, Doppelherz® aktiv created Men Active from a selection of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals known for their beneficial effect on the male reproductive tract.
Men Active from Doppelherz® acts at two levels: on the short term, Caffeine and Ginseng have a stimulating and energizing effect, Gotu cola increases peripheral circulation that supplies blood to the genitals, and Maca acts on the metabolism of nitric oxide, which is released after sexual stimulation to initiate penis erection. On the long term Maca has a positive influence on the mood and the mind by moderating stress perception and therefore helps to regain selfconfidence.
Moreover Maca contains high amounts of arginine, phytosterols, flavonoids and tannins that have a positive effect on the circulatory system, nerve impulses conduction and sperm quality. Zinc helps maintain elevated levels of testosterone and Selenium and Vitamin E are important for sperm formation.
Men Active from Doppelherz®: for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and those who want to improve their sexual potency and their libido.

Language: English/French

Origin: Germany

GTIN: 4009932937527

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