Feed & Care Performance Muesli 15kg

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1 unit per outer box I 42 units per pallet

feed&care PLUS always develops premium mueslis under the motto "Only the best for love", using only top quality products. The composition is always based on a muesli recipe and an individually adapted PLUS FORMULA for the nutrient-optimized supply of special areas of application. Highly digestible energy sources such as puffed cereals, linseed oil and hydrothermally digested corn and barley flakes give the recipe a balanced ratio between slowly to quickly available energy. In close cooperation with Dr. med. vet. Stefan Hofmeister, veterinarian for horses and specialist for horse nutrition, the feed&care muesli recipes were developed with a vital substance-optimized PLUS FORMULA. With a targeted active ingredient complex of performance-relevant nutrients and vital substances, Performance is an excellent muesli for the high demands of all sport horses. The special PLUS FORMULA is matched to the performance-oriented recipe and completes the muesli with a balanced combination of nutrients and active ingredients that covers the daily requirement of all vital substances and specifically supports increased performance demands. with L-Carnitine for optimal energy utilization for performance and endurance with chlorella, lysine and threonine as essential building blocks for muscle building with tryptophan, magnesium and B vitamins for nerve strength and serenity with vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium and procyanides for cell protection and defensive forces no molasses, no preservatives

Composition: Lucerne 16.11%, maize flakes 14.00%, Timothy hay 10.00%, puffed barley 10.00%, puffed maize 10.00%, barley flakes 10.00%, apple pomace 8.00%, pea flakes 7.00%, linseed oil 5.64%, soya flakes 3.00%, rice flour 1.14%, carrot flakes 1.00%, calcium carbonate 0, 40%, linseed flour 0.40%, soy protein concentrate 0.27%, magnesium oxide 0.23%, grape seed flour 0.14%, chlorella 0.14%, yeast extracts 0.14%, banana flour 0.14%, chokeberry fruit 0.14%, sunflower oil 0.13%, sodium chloride 0.13%, magnesium fumarate 0.09%.

Analytical components: Crude protein 10.84%, crude fat 8.85%, crude fibre 11.79%, crude ash 4.90%, calcium 0.52%, phosphorus 0.25%, sodium 0.19%, magnesium 0.25%, starch 31.92%, sugar 2.92%* Omega-3 fatty acids 2.92% Omega-6 fatty acids 0.87%. * Contains sugar by nature, no sugar has been added.

Language: German

Origin: Germany

Product no. EQ1002

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