BewiCat CROCINIS (3-Mix) 5kg

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1 unit per outer box I 120 units per pallet

Bewi Cat® Crocinis

Cats have lived in the care of humans for over 2000 years. Since then their eating habits have not changed significantly compared to their wild conspecifics. The cat hunts small prey animals in nature throughout the day, which it then eats in peace as a loner. It is a real Carnivore on that occasion, that is, it needs meat as food-basis. To cover its nutrient need a cat would have to catch 10 - 12 mice daily!

For a high-quality, healthy nutrition of our today's domestic cats important consequences result from it: Basis of the food should be a high meat content. Special nutrients that are only contained in meat (e.g. taurine) must be present in the feed in sufficient quantities Feeding should take into account the special nutritional habits of the cats and give them the opportunity to eat "morsels" throughout the day.

Composition: Protein 30 % Fat content 11 %. Crude ash 7,5 Crude fiber 1,8 Humidity 10 Calcium 1,2 % Phosphorus 0,8 % Sodium 0,45 % Magnesium 0,1%

Language: International (german/english)

Origin: Germany

Product no. 751715

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