Goldhorse Crushed Oats 15kg

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1 unit per outer box I 33 units per pallet

Rolled, double cleaned and dedusted

As a high-energy supplement to roughage and / or pasture grass, can also be combined with other concentrated feeds, due to the rolling process also suitable for horses with dental problems (e.g. young horses)

High starch digestibility, relatively high content of mucilage and unsaturated fatty acids

Provides high quality energy and proteins

ADMR-compliant according to FN-ADMR from 28.04.2011

As a supplement to the usual basic feed supply (roughage and / or pasture grass) and, if necessary, other concentrated feed, depending on performance, approx. 1 - 2 kg / day, for a balanced supply of mineral feed supplement

Composition: 100% black and yellow oats

Analytical components: Crude protein 10.00 %, digestible crude protein 8.50 %, crude fat 4.40 %, crude fibre 10.90 %, crude ash 2.70 %

Language: German

Origin: Germany

Product no. EQ1001

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