Nestlé LION chocolate bar with caramel Multipack

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80 units per outer box I 1.200 units per pallet

Lion chocolate bar with caramel 6x30g. Filled wafer, 34,2% caramel and 9% wheat cereals, coated with 38,7% milk chocolate.

The classic Lion offers the well-known and popular Lion taste. Crunchy crispy wafers, caramel and crunchy cereals combine to create a unique taste experience and are coated in crunchy milk chocolate. With Lion you experience crispness with a very special biting experience. What makes Lion so biting? The unique and varied combination of crispy wafer, fine layers of caramel and crunchy crunchy cereal pieces combine with a coating of milk chocolate to form the bitingly delicious Lion bar. A biting combination for the big appetite! - Lion - the classic bar - with crispy wafer, caramel, cereals and milk chocolate - a lion-strong combination for the big hunger - Cocoa for Lion is certified under the Utz Cocoa Plan - Lion - Caution biting!

Language: German

Origin: Germany

Product no. 2155806

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